Facebook Messenger Troubleshooting

ing to use Facebook Messenger app and are wondering ho useful it can really be? Stuck somewhere while using the app and do not know how to proceed? While Facebook Messenger app does help you to see all messages you need easily, there can be instances when the app will not function as you would want it to. So, what can you do if the app is not functioning properly? Here is a look at the most common Facebook Messenger troubleshooting when using Facebook how you can solve the problems.
Introduction: About the Facebook Messenger
Issue 1: Not able to see messages on Facebook Messenger
Issue 2: Not able send or receive messages on Facebook Messenger
Issue 3: Facebook Messenger is not working
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Introduction: About the Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is the newest addition to smartphones. Now people can send messages independent of the Facebook app or Facebook site. You can send messages, photos, videos to the people on your contact using Facebook Messenger. However, some users are experiencing a few Facebook Messenger troubleshooting. Here are the top three Facebook Messenger troubleshooting users facing with Facebook Messenger app.


Troubleshooting fb 
1. Users cannot see messages sent by other.
2. Users are not able to send or receive the messages.
3. The biggest problem faced by users is Facebook Messenger not working which is either crashing or keeps freezing.
However, these problems are solvable. It not much related to Facebook’s app.
Issue 1: Not able to see messages on Facebook Messenger
This is one of the most common issues that most users have struggled with Facebook messenger. You may not be able to see any of the messages or new messages with this problem. However, before finding the solution for it make sure the app can access internet. In some cases, it can be a connectivity problem. Even with good connection app is facing problem then you need clear the cache of Facebook Messenger.
Following are the steps you can use to clear the cache of the Facebook Messenger:
Step1. Make sure Facebook Messenger is not running in the background. If it is close it, as it will always check for new updates and add new cache.
Step2. Now go to the settings and proceed to the application manager.